We offer you:

We will gladly carry out a pilot project, to deliver an actual comparison between the LaserCUSING® process and conventional
technology! Visit us and experience LaserCUSING® »live»,
in our in-house user centre.

Together with you, we look for the software which is most suitable for your company for performing the data preparation for the
LaserCUSING® process.

We are more than happy to work with you to establish which of our LaserCUSING® machines is best suited to your application.

We are more than willing to accept the challenge of developing a LaserCUSING® machine which is individually tailored to your

QM quality management modules 
The QM modules allow the monitoring and control of different machine states such as the laser power, atmosphere, melt pool and
allow the quality of the powder to be guaranteed. Another key aspect of the new development is the user-friendly evaluation of the
process data.

Our training courses feature a theoretical part and a practical part. We will of course also provide you with assistance and support
after the training when it comes to integrating the technology in your company and we will always be on hand with advice and
practical help if you have any application questions.

To guarantee the quality of our materials, we check the chemical composition and the particle size distribution of the LaserCUSING®
materials which are supplied for each production batch.

You will find more detailed information about our products at .industry!